Therapeutic Indications

Carglumic acid is indicated for:


Irrespective of gender only Minors (0 - 18 years old) Adults (18 years old or older)

Carglumic acid is indicated in treatment of:

  • hyperammonaemia due to N-acetylglutamate synthase primary deficiency.
  • hyperammonaemia due to isovaleric acidaemia.
  • hyperammonaemia due to methymalonic acidaemia.
  • hyperammonaemia due to propionic acidaemia.

For this indication, the medical literature mentions below treatments (click for details):

Treatment 1: Oral - 100-250 mg/kg in 2-4 divided doses daily


Active ingredient Carglumic acid is contraindicated in the following cases:


No gender/age discrimination

Although it is not known whether carglumic acid is secreted into human milk, it has been shown to be present in the milk of lactating rats. Therefore, breast-feeding during the use of carglumic acid is contraindicated.