Therapeutic Indications

Acetic acid is indicated for:

Infectious external otitis

Irrespective of gender only Adolescents (12 years - 18 years old) Adults (18 years old or older)

Acetic acid is indicated for the treatment of superficial infections of the external auditory canal, mainly caused from pseudomonas, aspergillus or monilia.

For this indication, the medical literature mentions below treatments (click for details):

Treatment 1: Auricular (Otic) - Impregnated gauze or cotoon with 7-8 drops (2.0% w/w)

Treatment 2: Auricular (Otic) - 60mg (2.0% w/w) three times daily


Active ingredient Acetic acid is contraindicated in the following cases:


No gender/age discrimination

Although there is no evidence of these effects in human beings, there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Therefore, acetazolamide should not be used in pregnancy, especially during the first trimester.

Tympanic membrane perforation

No gender/age discrimination

Acetic acid is contraindicated in tympanic membrane perforation.