Leading the way to safer medication
Novel clinical decision support tool that provides real-time medication recommendations and runs drug-to-drug and drug-to-disease interaction checks. In order to produce accurate and reliable results, Galen Reasoner works on a vast knowledge base which is being curated based on scientific literature and official Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) documents.

Case-specific information

2.100 active ingredients

Acurate and reliable results


Galen Reasoner revolutionises the way health professionals decide on their patients' medication. By combining scientific data and the individual’s health record, it supports clinicians with automated, real-time recommendations.


Improve quality of care while decreasing costs. Integrate Galen Reasoner into the hospital information system to help clinicians find the right answer when they need it the most.


Run an efficient practice by making confident, patient-oriented decisions. Galen Reasoner provides prescribers with a second opinion to ensure error-free treatments.


Offer a high-quality service within your pharmacy. Achieve optimal therapeutical outcome and experience by double-checking your patients' treatments and regimens.

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Who we are

Ergobyte develops and commercialises software solutions that empower health professionals by assisting them with clinical and pharmaceutical information at the point of care. Our vision is to foster eHealth innovation in order to support decision making, lower costs, increase automation and, as a result, make healthcare simpler.